Interactive Education

The Need for Education

America's Need for Financial Literacy 
-$900 billion in credit card debt
-81% increase in foreclosures in 2008

-American's charged more than $2.2 TRILLION to major credit cards in the past year (
-National savings rate has been steadily declining since 2001
-Less than one-quarter of students felt they were "very well prepared to deal with the financial challenges that await them after graduation" (Hartford Financial Services Group, 2007)

Parents Must Take the Initiative to Teach

-Only three states - Utah, Michigan, and Tennessee-- require students to take a one-semester personal finance course before graduating high school. 
-Schools used to teach basic living skills, such as personal finance, but these have been overlooked at educators are focusing more on college prep classes like sciences and math-
-In a 2006 JumpStart Coalition survey of high school students across America, only 16.7% indicated they had taken a course in personal finance
-Only 5% of adults learned money management skills in elementary or high school (Visa cardholder survey, 2007)

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The Solution: An Effective Method of Finance Education

Personal finance and money management skills are a necessity for succcessful adulthood. Yet, schools do not have the resources to thoroughly and effectively teach your child the skills they need to succeed. Give your child a head start in life by teaching them the basics of money and personal finance through FunMoney Learning. Ensure that your children have the strong financial foundation they need to build their dreams upon. Give your child success and security. Give your child Interactive Education.