Interactive Education

How it Works
-Your child can log onto our website and start a FREE account
-He or she can select one of our virtual worlds -- either a fantasy land filled with lovable animal characters, a fun-filled sports stadium, or a build-it-yourself theme park
-Depending on the world selected, kids are able to earn money in different ways. For instance, your child may choose to set up a baseball memorabilia store, or a horse grooming business to earn cash.
-When they earn money from their businesses, kids can spend it on fun stuff in their virtual world, save it for future purchases, invest it, or donate it to specific causes in the game.

Subscription Content - Bringing FunMoney into the Real World
Kids can play the basic game for free, but for a small monthly subscription fee, parents can access upgraded content and special features on the virtual world. Some of these great features include the ability to track your child's progress on the virtual world and see how they are earning and spending their money. With the subscription, parents can also access Interactive Education games and activities that can be played with kids to turn Interactive Education virtual learning into real life lessons.

With Interactive Education, Your Child Wins
-Access to an entertaining online game, that provides educational content
-Fun game where they can compete with friends to create cool worlds and accumulate prizes
-Learns the different ways to use money -- save it, spend it, invest it, or donate it
-Experiences and overcomes consumerism and spending urges in the safe, online environment
-Learns about the danger of debt and the importance of saving
-Can compete with other FunMoney players to build up the best world or acquire the most money

As a Parent, You WIN as well!
-Education for your child on the difficult topics of personal finance and money
-Comfort of knowing your child is safe and secure online
-Access to tools to check up on your child's learning progress
-Learning lessons and games to play with your child in real-life, helping them to connect virtual learning to real world
-Security of knowing you are giving your child a head-start in life and ensuring their financial future